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SUBTYPE CURATED "666" Bag Reflective

Black 666-REFLEC

Sold Out


  • The SUBTYPE CURATED "666" Bag can be worn as a belt or across body. The premium seat-belt style webbing features a 3-code lock with SUBTYPE branding . The two zipped pouches are interchangeable and removable so you can wear one or the other. 3D rubber print SUBTYPE CURATED branding adorns the Ripstop fabric. This bag even comes with a SUBTYPE CURATED gold lighter case.

    • black reflective fabric
    • 3-code lock (password is 000 to unlock/lock)
    • Front pocket holds SUBTYPE CURATED gold-tone metal lighter case (Bic Lighter not included).
    • Aviation-belt style adjustable strap with SUBTYPE Curated printed in 3D Rubber
    • Ripstop outer fabric
    • 3D Rubber SUBTYPE CURATED logo on bags
    • Adjustable strap and removable bags

    SUBTYPE does not sell lighters, only the lighter case. SUBTYPE encourages the safe use of lighters only. SUBTYPE is not responsible for the use or misuse of lighters in association with SUBTYPE lighter cases.