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Helmut Lang Eau de Parfum 100ml

Multi E07HF003

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  • A man unafraid to take a deconstructivist yet timeless approach to fragrance. Helmut Lang released his signature fragrance a few years after he famously left fashion at the height of his career, discontinuing his perfumes on the way out. Elegant and understated, Helmut Lang Eau De Parfum was so coveted by perfume connoisseurs that bottles sold for exorbitant sums. Finally, the classic fragrance has returned.

    Helmut Lang Eau De Parfum leads with a gentle floral softness with the top note of lavender and rosemary. A unisex oriental fragrance, it opens with light orange blossom brightens the aroma and contrasts with sandalwood to establish a lightly masculine element and once the woody aromatic base is established, you are left with a perfectly balanced fragrance. With a long lasting longevity on the skin and a prominent sillage, this fragrance is great for everyday wear. 


    Head: Rosemary. Lavender. Orange blossom.
    Heart:Jasmine. Heliotrope. Lily-of-the-valley. Rose. Artemiesia.
    Base: Sandalwood. Patchouli. Cedar.