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New Balance 1530 Mens - Made in England

Grey/Navy (033) M1530OGG

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$200.00 $280.00

  • This is the enthuasiast's sneaker. Full of details and minutia, the continually revamped UK-made New Balance 1500 returns in a tireless quest to be as accurate as possible to the 1989 original. Thanks to Steven Smith for this one - adapting a luxury performance ethos to the design, featuring the finest pigskin nubuck and mesh atop arguably one of the best ENCAP midsole units. Look closely enough and spot the refined embroidery, amongst other obscurities that the Flimby team and countless trainerspotters pored over for a long time. 


    Nubuck & Mesh Upper
    Made In England
    ENCAP Midsole
    1989 Steven Smith Design