For the ultra-boost’s latest release, the popular silhouette receives the metallic treatment, paying homage to the Olympic winning colours of gold, silver and bronze.



Constructed with a black prime knit upper, each shoe features the famous BOOST soling which everyone can’t get enough of. Launching with the commencement of the 2016 Rio Olympics, this pack is one not to be missed out on.


Will you be showing your Olympic spirit & copping these limited edition sneakers? More release information will be available via our Subtype Store social channels on snapchat & instagram shortly!


SUBTYPE’s Guide to Cleaning Sneakers

There are two things that are arguably the hardest things to clean: Blood and White Sneakers. Unless you’re a serial killer with a foot fetish, your only worry is probably the latter. Almost every silhouette of sneakers you can think of has or will be released in a triple white colour way. The milky goodness of white is an ever-alluring colour way for sneakers that attracts sneaker heads like a moth to a flame – but only those with the confidence and know-how are able to keep those pearly kicks looking fresh.

Fear not as you can probably tell by now that we here at SUBTYPE are crazy about sneakers so we’ve got some super handy tips for you to clean and keep clean your white sneakers!

SUBTYPE’s Top Cleaning Tips:

1. Go out there and pick up a new pair of fresh kicks.
2. Enjoy every second in your sneakers, no matter where. Take them to that party you’re attending, wear them to your favourite dj’s gig.
3. Pick up either Crep Protect or Jason Markk for a guaranteed reliable clean.
4. Use the provided brush or your own to tackle any grime on plastic and leathers.
5. For suede make sure you pick up a soft brush as you don’t want to damage the material.
6. DO NOT use brushes on Primeknit, Flyknit or any type of knit material.
7. To wash knit, place sneakers in a pillowcase or bra bag and place in the wash with a little bleach.
8. When drying sneakers never place them in direct light included sunlight. Place in a warm shaded area.
9. Do not toss laces into the wash, they will disappear in the nooks. Best you hand wash them.
10. Rock your new clean kicks to SUBTYPE and let us know how you did it!

Did You Miss Out Too?

Where were you on Saturday April 30th? Enjoying a nice picnic by the waters? Perhaps playing a game of casual soccer at the park? Camping out for the Supreme x Nike Air Max 98’s on four laptops with three empty cups of coffee beside you?

If you’re anything like us, you would have winced as we mentioned the latest Supreme and Nike collab but if you’re nothing like us and ended up scoring a pair then this blogpost is not for you. Looking back on our attempt to cop a pair of the elusive collaboration 98’s only makes us tear up knowing people had better luck than we did. Trawling through Facebook groups reveal individuals who took advantage of getting through to the checkout page and landing four pairs! Don’t you stress though, pick yourself up, grab a coffee and check this out.

We may not have the Supreme x Air Max 98 collaboration but there is never a shortage of sought-after sneakers at SUBTYPE. We suggest the Nike Air Presto Flyknit Ultra releasing tomorrow or any of the new Nike Flyknit Tennis Classics – atleast you can be sure you’ll be able to skate in those.

nike-air-presto-flyknit-ultra-2 nike-air-presto-flyknit-hyper-turq-4 nike-air-presto-flyknit-black yellow-4 nike-air-presto-flyknit-blue-1 TENNIS-CLSC-BLACK-LEFT TENNIS-CLSC-BLUE-LEFT TENNIS-CLSC-GREY-LEFT

The Air Presto Got a Facelift and We Love It

Nike’s Flyknit technology has seen some impressive applications from the very first Lunar Flyknit Trainer HTM to the most recent Milano Design Week pieces and everything in between. All the latest Flyknit iterations suggests that Nike use their famous textile technology to reinvent and bring to the modern context a silhouette which was originally designed to reflect it’s specific era. The Air Presto, though withstanding the test of time and remaining popular amongst sneaker heads – is next up for the exclusive Flyknit treatment. Not only does the silhouette get a mid-cut makeover featuring an ankle collar but also a slightly redesigned cage to account for the new height. We have finally come up with the equation to an almost immaculate shoe: Flyknit Technology + an ankle collar + Ultra sole unit = Presto perfection.

SUBTYPE will be stocking most colourways and will be releasing 5th May

nike-air-presto-flyknit-04 nike-air-presto-flyknit-03 nike-air-presto-flyknit-02 nike-air-presto-flyknit-01   nike-preview-ss16-1 nike-preview-ss16-13 nike-preview-ss16-9

nike-air-presto-flyknit-ultra-03 nike-air-presto-flyknit-ultra-02


When we’re bombarded with rap from successful artists like Kanye’s latest ‘TLOP’ and A$AP Rocky’s recent Australian tour, its easy to forget the roots – their roots. Recent audio has surfaced of Kanye dropping bars at what seems to be a family gathering wrapping up his set with “I’m def and I’m fresh and I’m on the rec/ Nothin’ less could come from West!”. It appears that talent comes at a young age so when we were approached by the good people of Heaps Decent about supporting a rap cypher of young artists, we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to do our part for the community.

Heaps Decent is a non-profit organisation that works with under privileged children and young adults through the primary medium of music.

“Heaps Decent is an Australian based dynamic arts organisation working with young people & emerging artists from marginalised disadvantaged communities, providing a means by which they can tell their story in their own way. Heaps Decent supports change, positive futures & the development of high quality Australian music with a unique identity”

Heaps Decent have a weekly program called Home Base that teaches kids to make beats, write songs and more in their Redfern studio space. Through this program a group from Sydney’s south-west was formed going by the name T.Era. Members include Ra$$el Cool, Ravin, Young Hush, Tommy Gunnz & Kurtis T. SUBTYPE got involved by providing these kids with a new pair of sneakers and some apparel – see it as a reward for their dedication to the art form of rap and lyricism. Heaps Decent held a tight cypher with Adam Bozzetto on the decks that they filmed and put together into a video. We were lucky enough to swing by to shoot them while they spat fire at Goodspace in Chippendale, we even got a little time with them for an interview so we can all see inside the minds of young rappers potentially before they become the next Kanye.




1. What is your artist name?
Tommy Gunnsz.
2. How old are you?
3. How long have you been rapping?
4 years.
4. How would you describe your style of rapping?
Comical & Real.
5. Who are your inspirations & role models?
Ludacris & tech 9.
6. How does rap affect the way you dress?
Majority of my clothing is baggy.
7. What is your favourite sneaker brand?
8. What is your ultimate pair of kicks?
Adidas C10 red & black.
9. How has Heaps Decent helped your journey in becoming a rapper?
I started out as a singer and over the years they’ve helped me widen my vocal range, they have supported me and encouraged me to become more confident as a singer and a rapper.




1. What is your artist name?
2. How old are you?
3. How long have you been rapping?
8 years.
4. How would you describe your style of rapping?
Strong , Realistic , Truthful and vulnerable at times but honest.
5. Who are your inspirations & role models?
It changes a lot , at the moment I’m listening to Electronic R’n’b and just rappers from New Zealand like David Dallas and Lukan Rai$ey.
6. How does rap affect the way you dress?
It doesn’t really , I still dress the way I feel my personality fits me.
7. What is your favourite sneaker brand?
Definitely Adidas but I like Vans as well.
8. What is your ultimate pair of kicks?
My favourite pair of shoes are my plain Black and white Vans.
9. How has Heaps Decent helped your journey in becoming a rapper?
They’ve helped me in tremendous ways, I’ve been able to present my expressions through music in a very comfortable and motivating environment. I’ve been able to release a work through that I’m most proud of, my EP Soulfood.




1. What is your artist name?
Ra’$$el Cool
2. How old are you?
3. How long have you been rapping?
6 years since 2010
4. How would you describe your style of rapping?
5. Who are your inspirations & role models?
My Father (R.I.P) and my Mother, also my Son Izaiah
6. How does rap affect the way you dress?
My whole life my clothing style has been inspired by hip hop trends, but since my teen years I’ve had that west Coast California influence
7. What is your favourite sneaker brand?
Don’t really have a sneaker fetish..let’s go with the generics..Let’s say Nike haha
8. What is your ultimate pair of kicks?
Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars with the tear on the inside of my sole haha
9. How has Heaps Decent helped your journey in becoming a rapper?
Helped me build my confidence and gave me the urge to further my music capabilities, music is a harsh career in AUS/NZ, but I believe heaps decent could help me pave a living out of dropping them charizard fire ball bars on my listeners! Lol




1. What is your artist name?
Kurtis T.
2. How old are you?
3. How long have you been rapping?
5-6 Years.
4. How would you describe your style of rapping?
Freestyle, socially aware, poetic, spontaneous, honest.
5. Who are your inspirations & role models?
Nas, Big L, J. Cole.
6. How does rap affect the way you dress?
It doesn’t really i dress what i’m comfortable in which is mainly a 90s hip-hop style.
7. What is your favourite sneaker brand?
Favourite sneaker would definitely be Chuck Taylors and Nike
8. What is your ultimate pair of kicks?
Ultimate pair of kicks who have to be a cross between Air Jordans and Chucks.
9. How has Heaps Decent helped your journey in becoming a rapper?
Heaps Decent have helped a lot by building my confidence in performing and in the booth but also help me understand that to make music you’re passionate about you don’t always have to swear. If you’re that passionate about something and you claim to be a lyricist there are so many ways to get your point across without swearing.




1. What is your artist name?
2. How old are you?
3. How long have you been rapping?
Since 2011.
4. How would you describe your style of rapping?
Naughty by Nature style
5. Who are your inspirations & role models?
Naughty by Nature, Bone Thugs, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, 2pac, Biggie.
6. How does rap affect the way you dress?
Well i change my style nearly every week.
7. What is your favourite sneaker brand?
Nike and adidas
8. What is your ultimate pair of kicks?
Air Jordan 5 Independence Day
9. How has Heaps Decent helped your journey in becoming a rapper?
They made more confident as an artist and as a person. Without Heaps Decent, I think I would be a different person for the worst.


016A2818 016A3084 016A3067 016A3057 016A3055 016A3025 016A3021 016A2988 016A2983 016A2974 016A2958 016A2939 016A2911 016A2847 016A2842


Collection 02 has just dropped from Project A keeping you dapper through this Australian summer. Maintaining their ethos of elevating the traditional streetwear aesthetic, using custom-made fabrics from Japan and Italy. The second collection could be described as progressive and forward-thinking with pieces like the TM1 Poplin Muscle and W2 Shorts with designs that would make you do a double take when seen anywhere from the clothing racks to on a body.

“Fusing globally sourced and developed fabrications into contemporary apparel innovation creates a versatile yet unified identity for collection 02. Expressing unique character through engineered layering & formulating unmatched stability & longevity.” – Project A

We at SUBTYPE have a duty to uphold where we curate pieces and specifically an aesthetic that we love and represent. Project A’s Collection 02 aligns so well with our image that we ended up bringing you the majority of the line. We had a look at what you would wear with the lightweight Z2.1 pants or J4 Poplin Jacket in Navy and found that almost every brand completes the Project A outfits. From our offering of new Filling Pieces Low Top range to the iconic adidas Stan Smiths, it is definitely hard to find a sneaker that doesn’t match these minimalistic and finely crafted garments.

We suggest you start to slowly replace your plain white tees and tapered chino pants with these new wardrobe essentials from Project A.

06_847 07_1026 07_1069 09_1310

The Essential Denominator of Four

If you’ve ever been to Japan, you would agree that they are at the forefront of style and fashion in Asia and perhaps even the world. You take a stroll through the famous Shibuya crossing or just down Harajuku and you will be met with stylish individuals of all ages from the eclectically dressed to the well-groomed, clean demeanour Japan is known for. It seems adidas Originals has a real appreciation for Japan’s culture and fashion scene, collaborating with designer Kazuki Kuraishi of The Fourness for a solid interpretation of Japan with four different silhouettes.

Blending eclectic with clean, muted tones with pops of colour and a selection of some of the most popular silhouettes – The Fourness x adidas Originals is garnering a lot of excitement worldwide, with Australia being no exception. If you haven’t heard of The Fourness, now is a good time to try and grasp their concept:

Universality stems from existence.

C. G Jung identified four fundamental psychological functions: thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition. Each function may be experienced in an introverted or extraverted fashion. We, as people inflate and favor the tendencies of the 4 mental functions.

THE FOURNESS aims to be the brand that resonates one of the 4 human psyches to the wearer. One exists and therefore, one wears – this is the nature of the relationship between humans and fashion.

According to Kuraishi’s pursuit of the essence of fashion, THE FOURNESS is completed when there is the creation of a universal aesthetic which places extra value with respect to original craftsmanship.

Leave it to the Japanese to find such a deep meaning to our human connection with fashion.








ZANEROBE has been a long standing purveyor of mens wear fashion from their signature lengthy flintlocks to the instantly recognisable Sureshot jogger pants which have taken the world by storm. Currently sitting at the top of mens wear fashion scene, ZANEROBE have no plans on slowing down, now revealing that they have a limited edition offering by the name of Project A – Their high fashion label sourcing exotic fabrics from Japan and Italy for their first collection.

“An elevated, limited edition offering from the ZANEROBE creative collective. An un-compromising, self-indulgent brand with definitive design vision. Elongated, tapered and clean-lined future-classics utilizing the finest Italian and Japanese bespoke fabrics. Raw, textured and meticulously crafted, 01 is a statement of intent – an innovative revision of what we know and all we are.”

Project A is a label that takes basics to the very edge of quality through exaggerated details and excellent fabrics on recognisable blocks from tee shirts and drop-crotch pants to bomber jackets and trench coats. Reflecting the premium aesthetic of SUBTYPE, we are proud to be stocking the elevated label Project A in our store.



adidas Originals Los Angeles Trainer

Whether you live in California or not, it’s hard to miss the general imagery of the sun-drenched west coast. Those that have been to L.A. can tell you that a rainy day is as rare as getting your hands on a pair of Yeezy Boosts. And if you’re not in the mood for warm comforting weather, tanned bodies and Disneyland then you better start looking at flights to Russia… where you won’t find any of that. Why am I bringing these things up? Well because adidas Originals have reintroduced the Los Angeles Trainer and it is the perfect representation of the city.

If a complete mesh upper for breathability wasn’t enough, adidas Originals have decided that microsuede would be a suitable touch of luxe which does the job. Coming in strong with multiple colour ways already, you can’t miss this reiteration with Los Angeles running down one of the three stripes on the side of the silhouette.

JUNE1-7861 JUNE1-7869 JUNE1-7877 JUNE1-7880 JUNE1-7881 JUNE1-7882

The Next Vintage Sneaker Trend

The latest Vintage sneaker revival is already popping up all over in the cyber streets of the internet. Have you got your pair yet? Were not talking about Adidas’ Stan Smiths, surely you have a pair of those. Were talking about the 1972 iconic Nike Cortez. In the original red, white and blue colour way seen on Farrah Fawcett in the unforgettable photo of the Charlies angels hottie skating in flares all blonde and low.

subtype-nike-cortez-vintage-blog-7 subtype-nike-cortez-vintage-blog-6

Designed by Nike founder Bill Bowerman the Cortez was first released in the peak of the 1972 Olympics pioneering as a tech running sneaker but quickly became a pop culture icon, sales soaring to $800,000 (around $4.5 million in today’s dollars) during the first year of the shoe’s release.


The Nike Cortez left its mark in Sports history and has once again been embraced by the fashion world. The retro sneaker trend is not slowing down and the latest release of the Nike Cortez is the freshest classic revival destined to knock the Stan Smiths off their fashion pedestal.

subtype-nike-cortez-vintage-blog-4 subtype-nike-cortez-vintage-blog-3

Originally a long distance runner, today the Nike Cortez is considered a lifestyle sneaker. Premium leather upper with iconic Nike Swoosh and Bold Nike logo on the heel. Full-length EVA foam midsole provides comfort on top of the signature herring-bone outsole providing crucial traction. For full vintage loyalty go for the Original White Leather with Varsity red swoosh or for a subtle 70’s street steeze, the white leather with black Swoosh or black with white Swoosh.

subtype-nike-cortez-vintage-blog-2 subtype-nike-cortez-vintage-blog-1

Be ahead the game and grab a little piece of history with a big piece of street cred. Im putting my beloved Stan Smiths away for the moment. The Nike Cortez are calling the limelight.

Content source:

Nike Free Hypervenom Mid

Nike’s latest 2015 wardrobe necessity is a modern hybrid of the essential free runner and chukka silhouette with a soccer boot inspiration.  The Nike Free Hypervenom is a mid top in a lightweight black combination upper in ‘Liquid Diamond’ texture based on a grey Nike Free 3.0 sole. The Extremely flexible 360 degree articulation Free sole provides incredible comfort using flex groves in a system ergonomic with the natural moment of your feet while strengthening your muscles.


3M Reflective fabric hidden under a perforated leather upper and padded collar. 3M tooling on the back heel tab. Exaggerated Nike swoosh detail on the toe replicating the Nike soccer cleats. With all the elements of a performance sneaker, Nike has also ensured the sneaker is a stylish new model with a unique organic silhouette and asymmetrical lacing system.


The Nike Free Hypervenom Mid is another model proving that Nike is ahead of that shoe game.
The monochrome tech shoe is available in Subtype store and online here.

nike-free-hypervenom-black-grey-3Content credit:


If you skate, surf and/or party you’d be well acquainted with the brand VANS. Whether you have two pairs or two hundred pairs, you know they’re comfortable, easy, cool and always look good. That’s why we continue to update our wardrobe with the classic styles in VANS seasonal updates.

You definitely know the Classic Old Skool Sk8 Hi, it’s definitely an iconic shape. VANS have just refreshed the classic and released the Xtuff Sk8 Hi-Reissue. Coming in two of the cleanest colour ways: All white and all black, the coated leather upper makes for comfortable yet durable wearing. Next time you’re thinking of picking up a clean monochromatic pair of kicks, remember you know your XTUFF!

Now in store and online www.subtypestore.com
Subtype-Vans-sk8-white-bran-5 Subtype-Vans-sk8-white-bran-2 Subtype-Vans-sk8-white-bran-3 Subtype-Vans-sk8-black-bran-4 Subtype-Vans-sk8-black-bran-2 Subtype-Vans-sk8-black-bran-3