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MON-WED 10am-6.30pm
THURSDAY 10am-7pm
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THE founders of ZANEROBE are now proud owners of Subtype – a unique destination in Sydney and here online. Subtype is a curated gallery experience showcasing limited, meticulously selected sneaker styles from the very best collections globally.
Our rationale is simple – we love sneakers. As a team focused primarily on designing apparel collections, we naturally complete a ZANEROBE styled look with the best complimentary footwear and accessories. For us, un-earthing new, progressive designs/brands is as fulfilling as designing apparel collections.
The method for Subtype is also elegant in it’s simplicity – the styles we select from each collection are the best of the best – in our opinion. We toil over lookbooks and debate over styles we think should or shouldn’t make the cut. Our sneaker criteria is based on exclusivity, creativity, innovation and of course how they contribute to completing the best styled look.
Let it be said – we’re completely unbiased in our selection process. If the most influential brands release an average collection, you won’t see it on Subtype simply because we wouldn’t wear them ourselves. Our goal is to have you visit our sneaker gallery in Sydney (or here online) and fall in love with every style on offer – as we did during the selection process. We’re extremely grateful and humbled by the support we’ve received on this journey – from participating brands, to sneaker-lovers everywhere – we thank you sincerely.